The Avionics Anonymous Light Controller is a 4-channel light controller for unmanned vehicles. Each channel can be configured as a nav, strobe, beacon or landing light and can be programmed for various patterns. When connected to an autopilot running PX4, lights are automatically controlled based on the state of the autopilot! For example, beacons can be set to turn on when the system is prearmed and strobes to turn on when the system is armed, while nav lights may always be on. All of this is configurable via PX4 and UAVCAN parameters. The device interfaces to your autopilot via robust UAVCAN interface - much easier than trying to tune a PWM signal to give you the desired patterns using typical R/C light controllers.


What makes it special?

  • Designed for drop-in use with uniLight LED products

  • Supports up to 30V lighting voltage

  • Supports common-anode lights (combined lights that use the same power pin for multiple LED's)

  • 4 separately-controllable channels supporting up 3A each with a total limit of 10A.

  • 3x connectors for 2 channels, 2x connectors for the other 2 channels means you can plug in multiple lights without having to splice

  • Robust UAVCAN interface is compatible with most Pixhawks and similar autopilots

  • Mount with screws through mounting holes

  • Update firmware via CAN interface



  • Weight: XX grams

  • Size: XXin x XXin x XXin

  • Power: 4.0V to 5.5V, XXmA

UAVCAN Light Controller