The Avionics Anonymous MaxiMag Magnetometer is a high-precision magnetometer for small unmanned aircraft. It includes a high-quality PNI RM3100 magnetometer enabling sub-1-degree heading accuracy and no variation with temperature. This interfaces to your autopilot via robust UAVCAN interface - no sketchy I2C wiring for your magnetometer!


What makes it special?

  • Extremely high-quality RM3100 magnetometer IC allows better than 1-degree heading accuracy in low-interference installations

  • Coil sensors are inherently insensitive to temperature, displaying no offset drift unlike typical IC magnetometers

  • Robust UAVCAN interface is compatible with most Pixhawks and similar autopilots and makes it safe to install your laser far away from the autopilot, wherever is convenient!

  • Mount with screws through mounting ears or snip them off and foam tape it to your airframe

  • Update firmware via CAN interface



  • Weight: <4 grams

  • Size: 1.50in x 0.75in x 0.25in

  • Power: 4.0V to 5.5V, XXmA

UAVCAN Precision Magnetometer