The Avionics Anonymous GNSSMag GPS and Magnetometer is a combination GPS and magnetometer for small unmanned aircraft. Includes a uBlox SAM-M8Q integrated multi-constellation GNSS unit and a high-quality Memsic MMC5983MA magnetometer enabling sub-1-degree heading accuracy. All of this interfaces to your autopilot via robust UAVCAN interface - no sketchy I2C wiring for your magnetometer! Comes fully assembled, ready to plug in and use! Also available without a magnetometer for applications using remote mags.


What makes it special?

  • Extremely high-quality Memsic magnetometer IC allows better than 1-degree heading accuracy in low-interference installations

  • uBlox multi-constellation GPS provides excellent performance in any flying scenario

  • Robust UAVCAN interface is compatible with most Pixhawks and similar autopilots and makes it safe to install your laser far away from the autopilot, wherever is convenient!

  • Broken-out GPS interrupt pin for special timing applications

  • Drop-in replacement for competitive UAVCAN GPS/magnetometer unit

  • Update firmware via CAN interface



  • Weight: 16.9 grams

  • Size: 55m x 55mm x 10mm

  • Power: 4.0V to 5.5V