The Avionics Anonymous MicroADC Air Data Computer is a tiny, richly-featured Air Data Computer (ADC) for small unmanned airplanes. Includes an MS5611 barometric pressure sensor for 10cm-resolution altitude, a Honeywell RSC-series differential pressure transducer for extremely accurate airspeed, and a thermistor interface with high-resolution convertor for air temperature measurement with better than 1 degree precision. All of this interfaces to your autopilot via robust UAVCAN interface - no sketchy I2C wiring!


What makes it special?

  • High-resolution, temperature-compensated airspeed sensor - low-range models are accurate to fractions of a knot!

  • Sealed barometer case with port for plumbing to proper static source

  • Onboard heaters keep barometer in accurate sensing range, even when it's below freezing outside!

  • True air temperature measurement via included OAT probe

  • Onboard computer calculates air density and true airspeed

  • Robust UAVCAN interface is compatible with most Pixhawks and similar autopilots and makes it safe to install this out in a wing or wherever is convenient!

  • Update firmware via CAN interface



  • Weight: 6.1 grams

  • Size: 1.5in x 1.15in x 0.47in

  • Power: 4.0V to 5.5V, XXmA

UAVCAN Air Data Computer

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